002:Breandan Davey

Renewal - September 26th, 2008

Renewal Front

A 01: Renewal

(Davey 2007)

Smooth harmonies glide around funk basslines while the ear is tickled with glitchy percussive elements. Funk-tech with just a hint of neo-disco, catchy, infectious and sublime. Women melt and grown men cry.

A 02: Brand New Lovin

(Davey 2007)

Deep, dark and funky, with an immediate hook and catchy bassline with just a touch of oldschool flavour. When this track is played in Breandan's live performances jaws drop, limbs twitch, and then all hell breaks loose. This track is a prime-time dancefloor people mover.

B 03: Renewal Remix by Shaka

(Davey/Spichiger 2007)

Renewal renewed by Shaka.

B 04: Serious

(Davey/Schwarz 2007)

A new direction in minimal techno-pop, this swingbeat piece has been described as Sutekh meets Beck. Breandan Davey and his songwriting partner David Schwarz bring forth a fresh new style with hints of latin jazz and chanson français that smashes genres definitions.


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