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About Us

What is it about corners? Places of chance encounters, moments of uncertainty about what may lay on the other side. Two directions converge and intersect and new directions reveal themselves.

In 2006 a series of coincidences and convergences brought Swiss producer Shaka and Canadian producer Breandan Davey together. Recognizing their convergent personal styles of music and their belief that modern electronic music must take on new directions, they formed an idea of a new label which by 2007 began to take shape, and Corner Records was born. >>>

Corner Records was founded in order to provide a viable marketing vehicle to talented musicians that push musical boundaries, whom due to the underdeveloped infrastructure of the independent electronic music industry receive little recognition or compensation for their efforts.

As Corner Records was founded by artists, the company believes strongly in honesty and integrity in dealing with our artists and the music we release. Corner believes artists should receive a fair return for their work and actively seeks out opportunities for touring and licensing of material in order to expose the artist and to help provide a sustainable income from their music.


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